Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
  • 2
    The basics
    • Religion isn't what you think it is...
    • Why study religion?
  • 3
    Getting technical
    • Insiders and outsiders
    • Understanding our role
    • Misconceptions
  • 4
    Practice makes perfect
    • The religious studies toolkit
  • 5
    • The cultural construction of religion
    • Exit survey
    • Taking your studies further

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Religion is everywhere in the news and popular culture, but accurate and authoritative reporting are often far from the front pages.

Take this first step on a journey of academic investigation that will give you the skills you need to understand religion on its own terms, as an academic subject.

This free course will help empower you to ask real questions about how religion is presented and understood in the wider world, and challenge you to look closely at your own assumptions.

If you want to know why religion is such a misunderstood topic, and why it inspires such extremes of emotion, this is the place to start.


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Rajeev Ranjan

"Interesting and amazing"

Rajeev Ranjan

...all I have to say this course module is interesting and amazing. Keep it on...Thank you very much.
Lucian Stiopu


Lucian Stiopu

Brilliant! 5/5
William Northam

"An interesting course"

William Northam

It was an interesting course. I would like to learn more.
Christine Stone

"Excellent introductory course"

Christine Stone

Excellent introductory course before tackling the main one! 5/5


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